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POREfection, Not PURRfection. Great Skin All Summer Long

POREfection, Not PURRfection. Great Skin All Summer Long


Of all the fabulous things we love about summer—sunny days, strappy sandals, slushy cocktails—sweaty, oily skin is nowhere on the list. But like it or not, it’s par for the course.

Heat and humidity increase oil production and sweat, clogging pores and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. And that means breakouts.

Want to avoid summer complexion spoilers? Here are Vivant’s top tips to help you sail smoothly through the season:


Update Your Cleanser. If you want a cleanser that will help keep you glowing instead of glistening, green tea should be at the top of your ingredient wish list. It helps to regulate oil production, while providing antioxidant protection from UV radiation. Try Vivant’s Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser, which is gentle enough even for skin with rosacea.


Switch to a lighter moisturizer. The richly nourishing moisturizer you swear by in winter may just leave you swearing during summer. In these sticky months, replace heavy creams and lotions with lighter and non-greasy formulas, preferably one with sunscreen built-in.


Exercise foundationless. A sports bra is recommended. Makeup, not so much. Makeup blocks pores and traps sweat increasing the chances of bacteria buildup and breakouts. Those effects are multiplied by summer’s heat. Your best defense is to go foundationless, if not all day, at least when you’re playing or working out.


Use a toner. Toner should be part of a your skin care regimen year round, but in summer, it’s a must to keep pores refined and free of residual dirt, makeup and oil. Try keeping your toner in the fridge for a refreshing boost.


Purge the puff. Ever notice your skin getting puffy or bloated when you get overheated? This is because heat causes blood vessels to dilate and expand. To help reduce summer puffiness, look for products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe, green tea, witch hazel, grape seed oil, and algae.


Defend your skin with antioxidants. Summer months mean increased exposure to damaging UV radiation and environmental pollutants. If you’re not already using an antioxidant serum, this is a good time to start. Used daily as a primer under sunscreen and makeup, Vivant’s Pure C +E Serum traps free radicals and protects skin from environmental damage.


Detox with a mask. Nothing works like a clarifying mask to pull impurities and excess oils from skin. Mask up once or twice a week to keep your skin looking firm, refined and smooth all summer long.  


Upgrade your sunscreen. You want your sunscreen to block UV, not your pores. Look for broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s oil-free and non-comedogenic, especially for your face. It’s worth a few extra bucks to avoid the bumps. 

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