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New Year’s Resolution? Try Revolution

Let’s face it, resolutions are for quitters. You start the year with all kinds of good intentions. By February, you’re back to washing with plain old soap, buying drugstore moisturizer and forgoing beauty sleep for Netflix marathons and cheap rosé. Maybe it’s not your fault. If all those bottles on your countertop were doing their job, you wouldn’t give up on them. Maybe what you need is not better resolve, but better products.


Never mind 2017 skin care resolutions, the doctor has a prescription for your New Year’s revolution. 


The resolution: Cinch up the sag.

As we age, our skin starts to lose elasticity, collagen doesn’t regenerate as quickly as it used to and some slackening and wrinkling can start to set in.

The revolution: Peptides, Niacinamide, Vitamin A.

Take action with a powerhouse trio that has synergy on its side. Used alone, each of these elements has a slew of benefits for the skin, but together, they are exponentially better. Studies prove this collagen boosting, cell regenerating combo significantly improves skin texture and firmness with results comparable to prescription Retin-A, but without the typical irritation. Vivant’s Derm-A-Renew Gentle Peptide and Vitamin A Serum has all three ingredients in one skin-perfecting serum.


The resolution: Banish bags. The delicate tissues and structures supporting the eye area weaken over time allowing fat to shift and collect under the eye area. Fluid can also accumulate here as a result of dehydration or lack of sleep making eyes appear puffy. 

The revolution: Caffeine, peptides and polyphenols. To wake up this area, a potent brew of antioxidant, collagen boosting, skin firming ingredients is just the thing. Hello, caffeine, peptides and polyphenols. Find them in Vivant’s Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream with peptides and hyaluronic acid to stimulate and nourish collagen production, caffeine to firm and lift, antioxidant-rich grape seed extract to repair photo-damage, and kojic acid to brighten dark circles.


The resolution: Tighten up a turkey neck. You may have a cleanser, a toner, a serum, a moisturizer for your face, but do you remember to apply any of those to your neck? What about daily sun protection? The skin on your neck is thin, delicate and has gravity to answer to as well.

The revolution: More Caffeine, peptides and polyphenols. Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream is not just for the eye area. The same ingredients that provide so much benefit to the delicate skin around your soul windows can do wonders for your neck and decollétage as well.


The resolution: Blitz blemishes.

Zits happen. Even in adult skin. So your arsenal should include the one staple that seems so ordinary, so unremarkable, you may have overlooked its significance up until now.

The revolution: Toner.

Really. The unsung hero of clear skin, toner is a quiet revolutionary. It clears the path for correcting serums by removing dead skin cells, oil and dirt so the next wave of product can penetrate skin more deeply and work more optimally. Normalizing Tonic Forté, with witch hazel, glycolic acid and salicylic acid clarifies, refines and optimizes for clear, glowing, healthy skin.


The resolution: Defeat discoloration. Age spots, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation are all products of an overproduction of melanin.

The revolution: Mandelic acid. The alpha hydroxy acid that comes from almonds is some kind of all right. Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, pro-brightening, pro-cell-renewal, it’s got it all. But mostly what it’s got is an uncanny ability to lighten and brighten without irritation. Try it in a wash, a toner, a serum. Just try it. 


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