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Are Peel Pads the New Must-Have?

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Suddenly, every skin care brand is pushing peel pads as the latest development in skin care. But before you get too excited, know this. Peel Pad is just trendier name for what has been a skin care staple for decades. Acid-soaked gauzy discs for refining and clarifying are old school, but they’ve remained at the top of the class for good reason. Here’s what you should know about this “new” trend.


A peel pad is not a peel.

A peel is a mild to aggressive chemical treatment that removes the top layers of skin to encourage rapid rejuvenation. It’s done by an aesthetician and it’s definitely not something you’d do every day. Peel pads might be considered a micro version of a peel in that they create chemical exfoliation to clear cellular debris from the surface of skin.

Definitely beneficial, but definitely not a peel. Exfoliating pads might be a more appropriate moniker for these at-home sloughers.


The best ones are textured.

Texture, in combination with acids, makes the perfect exfoliating tool. The acid, whether alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy (salicylic), or a combination of both, breaks down the cellular glue between dead skin cells and loosens them. The little nubs on the textured pad pull them away from your skin. Chemical and physical exfoliation in a swipe. Win. Win.


Formulation makes the difference.

As in all skin care products, efficacy comes down to formulation. Many of the new breed of peel pads are concentrated with glycolic acid. That’s one of the more well-known alpha-hydroxy acids. And a good one. But it can be too much of a good thing. Because it has a small molecular structure, glycolic acid is rapidly absorbed by the skin. For some, that can be irritating. A blend of complementary acids can temper more aggressive properties while taking advantage of the top benefits of each. Look for nourishing ingredients as well to avoid irritation.


Vivant Recommends

Daily Repair Pads have been a staple in our line for years. They’re one of our best-loved products for their ease of use, stellar results, and universal benefits. They’re steeped in a glow-boosting blend of mandelic, lactic, and salicylic acids to clear acne impactions, encourage cell renewal, refine texture, and brighten tone. Zinc peptides and niacinamide nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. Skin is left feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated. They’re powerful, but not so powerful that you can’t use them daily. Face, neck, décolletage, back, even bikini line and underarms will benefit. Say goodbye to ingrown hair.

The texture has always been part of Vivant’s Daily Repair Pads. When they were introduced, these little nubs were a novel idea, and though it made them more expensive to produce than flat pads, it was something Dr. Fulton believed would make a better product. He was right.


Peel Pads. Exfoliating Pads. Repair Pads. Call them what you will. We call them must-haves.


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