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When Mom and Daughter Are Both Dealing With Acne

When Mom and Daughter Are Both Dealing With Acne


You don’t expect to be fighting your own acne battle at the same time you’re helping your teen fight hers. But that’s where Tammy Campbell, mother of 15-year-old twins and a 9-year-old daughter, found herself before finding Vivant. Here’s Tammy’s healthy skin story.


My daughter and I really had an acne problem. A good friend suggested 9% Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Toner. It was amazing how fast it cleared both of us up.


The results were literally in days. Any new acne that seemed to be popping up never had a chance.


Tammy lives in Utah and spends her spare time (what spare time?) outdoors gardening, camping, fishing, or watching her kids’ rodeo events and baseball games. The exposure to dry climate and UV meant repairing photodamage was also a top priority for her.


I also noticed that my uneven skin tone seemed to lighten up a lot. The sunspots really faded to almost nothing.


Trying new products has often been problematic for Tammy, but mandelic acid improved her skin without irritation.


I break out with everything, and my skin is sensitive. I was a little red for a few days, but nothing that lasted.  My daughter didn’t have any burning or redness at all.


Gentle anti-microbial, brightening, micro-exfoliating mandelic acid is the perfect fit for all of Tammy’s skin concerns. We can’t wait to see Tammy’s progress with a complete regimen!


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