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Copy of Our Founder, James E. Fulton, M.D., Ph.D. - Backup

Biochemist. Dermatologist. Formulator. Pioneer.

Vivant Skin Care formulator and co-founder, Dr. James Fulton, was responsible for some of the most significant skincare advances of the last half-century.  

His contributions include the three gold standards currently used in dermatology offices around the world: Retin-A® (co-developer), stabilized benzoyl peroxide (developer), and topical erythromycin (developer).  

A dedicated solutionist, Dr. Fulton built on his early work with retinoic acid to develop a less irritating alternative to Retin-A®. In 1990, he patented Vitamin A Propionate, which remains the most effective non-prescription retinol available today.

It was Dr. Fulton’s personal struggle with acne as a young man that propelled his desire to find real solutions to what had proven an unmanageable skin problem for medical science.

Years of groundbreaking work, both in the lab and treating patients, cemented his reputation as the world’s foremost acneologist, and as an innovator advancing treatments for skin rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Fulton was guided by a simple philosophy: Skincare therapies must be backed by consistent clinical results. More simply put, they must work.

“Accept only those therapies that are tested, well documented, and consistent in results.”    -Dr. James Fulton

Copy of Our Founder, James E. Fulton, M.D., Ph.D. - Backup

Dr. Fulton’s Education and Accomplishments

  • 1969 Dr. Fulton co-developed the Gold Standard for the treatment of acne and aging, Retin-A®.
  • 1970 Developed the Gold Standards stabilized benzoyl peroxide gel and topical erythromycin.
  • Introduced the practice of combining retinoid and alpha-hydroxy acids for enhanced results.
  • Led innovation in the field of aesthetic science with the invention of a high-speed diamond fraise for dermabrasion.
  • Developed a paramedical training program for aestheticians and was the first to bring aestheticians into the medical office.
  • Launched a chain of 12 acne clinics and established the Acne Research Institute.
  • 1990 Developed and patented the Gold Standard non-prescription retinol Vitamin A Propionate.
  • Co-founded Vivant Skincare with researcher and formulator Sara Fulton.
  • 2000 Further develops the use of Mandelic Acid in skincare.