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30% Mandelic Acid

30% Mandelic Acid Solution

Advantages: simple, inexpensive, no downtime, excellent booster, excellent for maintenance, gentle and non-irritating, non-triggering, safe for all skin tones.

For a no downtime, alternative to a medium-depth peel in darker skin tones or sensitive Fitzpatrick 1-2, 30% Mandelic Acid Solution is a more gentle, but still appropriately aggressive exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, boost lightening programs, and release acne impactions in skin more prone to hyperpigmentation.  

Skin Types: Combination to Oily

Purpose: Removes dead skin cells, boosts skin lightening programs and releases acne impactions. The additional exfoliation caused by the Mandelic Acid allows your topical skin care products to penetrate better resulting in smoother, clearer skin. May be used before a microdermabrasion.