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Dr. Tanasha Simela: Good Food, Good Skin Care, Good Life

Dermatology was “love at first sight.”

Dr. Tanasha Simela: Good Food, Good Skin Care, Good Life

Dr. Tanasha Simela, or as she’s known on Instagram, Dr. Good Food, is a dermatologist with a passion for food, family, and feeling good. Though she initially wanted to be a forensic pathologist, she discovered her true calling when she did her clinical rotation in dermatology during med school.


“It was a field in which I felt love at first sight. I was able to integrate my love for histology and pathology, as well as use one of my best attributes, my visual skills.”


Practicing in both New Jersey and New York, Dr. Simela sees a wide range of cases in people of all ages, ethnic origins, and races. “My favorite part of this field is finding solutions for skin and cosmetic issues affecting appearance, even if these issues aren’t life-threatening.”


Here she shares her love of the Vivant product line, her tips for treating skin of color, and her favorite way to enjoy what may be the perfect food for skin: avocado.

“I discovered Vivant after attending The Skin of Color Seminar Series for physicians in 2017. The Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash was included in the goodie bag. I wanted to try a gentler option compared to salicylic acid and glycolic acid. It was love at first try. It changed the tone of my skin and others noticed.”