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What’s Up, 2018? Aesthetic Trends in the New Year


The start of a new year means new trends, new tools, new energy, new optimism. It’s a time to evaluate where you’ve been and plan your next move. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of things we think will be dominating the aesthetic landscape in 2018 to help you strategize a winning year.


Beautiful, bare skin. The no-makeup trend shows no signs of slowing. CEW reported in July that sales of skin care outpaced makeup in the prestige beauty category. Every major segment in skin care grew, and at a higher rate than last year, while makeup’s growth has slowed. It’s good news for estheticians. As consumers continue to opt for a less is more approach to makeup, the quest for better, clearer, brighter skin will only continue to increase.


Non-Surgical Procedures. In the U.K. the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported the demand for cosmetic surgery dropped by 40% last year while Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microneedling, and teeth whitening made up the bulk of their business. While cosmetic surgery remains popular in the U.S., the demand for non-invasive procedures is on the rise. The top non- or minimally-invasive procedures last year in the U.S. mirrored the Brit findings: Botox, 7 million procedures; dermal fillers, 2.6 million procedures; chemical peels, 1.36 million procedures; laser hair removal, 1.1 million procedures; and microdermabrasion, 775,000 procedures.


Vaginal rejuvenation. In 2016, labiaplasty was the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedure with a 45% rise from 2015, but with the trend toward non-invasive procedures rising in 2017, it’s likely that the demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments for the intimate area will grow significantly. In a recent survey, six percent of aesthetic practitioners said vaginal rejuvenation is their most commonly requested treatment. If our calculations are correct, 2018 will be the year of the vagina, which makes this a good time to learn more about Vivant’s Miami Bleach intimate bleaching system.


Science. After a big rise in natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, there is a swing back toward science-based products as consumers become more educated and seek greater efficacy. While everyone loves the lore of botanicals and organic products, consumers are recognizing that the proof is in the results and science is where it’s at.


Retinoids. Hardly a new trend, however, retinoids have been grabbing more attention of late as the pendulum of demand swings back toward results-oriented skin care. CEW reports that retinoids are among the top ingredients driving the rise in prestige skin care sales in 2017. Other drivers were face masks, acne treatments, and sunscreen according to NPD group research.


Skin Care Regimen Kits. Simple sells. Consumers respond when brands make understanding their skin care options less complicated. One-quarter of U.S. women recently surveyed by market research giant NPD Group said they prefer purchasing skin care as a regimen or kit. When you stock your retail shelves, think about product bundling, or offering regimen kits. Vivant offers a range of systems to make it simple for customers to find their perfect regimen.


Home Tools. From light masks to microneedle rollers, home tools continue to be a trend, but no home tool can deliver the level of treatment that a professional can. To keep clients coming in, consider adding or enhancing services, provide some extra perks for clients in the form of bonus treatments, a loyalty program, or a complimentary glass of champagne. Use your website and social media to educate clients about the benefits that professional services can provide. And don’t ignore the basics. Make sure your appointment system is streamlined and simple, and customers are always greeted with a friendly welcome.



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