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What’s up, 2017?! A Look At Aesthetic Trends For The New Year


It’s a new year and with it, a new batch of predictions about what we’ll be over the moon for and what we’ll just be over. We think 2017 is going to be a year of renewal and healing, and trends in skin care and spa treatments will reflect a desire for natural ingredients and gentler procedures. Here’s what we see on the radar for 2017.


The Natural Look

The no makeup look that began in 2016 continues to gain momentum. Just take a look at the number of celebrities posting #nomakeup selfies for evidence. Pulling off that look requires flawless skin, which means proper skin care and professional treatments will be more important than ever.


Super Food Skin Care

With the intense interest in healthy eating over in recent years—organic, high quality, foods rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids for improving health and skin from the inside out—it’s no surprise that these ingredients would be making their way into topical skin care. Vivant has been ahead of the curve with our ProZyme Forte and Prozyme Light professional rejuvenation treatments for years. These proteolytic (protein digesting) formulas rely on super fruit enzymes papain (papaya) and bromelain (pineapple), respectively, to provide next level exfoliation, repair and rejuvenation.


Intimate Bleaching

While not new, the brightening of the bits and pieces is a trend that continues to grow in popularity among both men and women seeking an all-over fresher, brighter and younger looking appearance. These days, the products have never been better, and the process has never been simpler. For the top professional treatment, look no further than Vivant’s Miami Bleach system, which incorporates Vivant’s patented Vitamin A Propionate, TCA, and brightening AHAs including lactic and mandelic acids to safely lighten and brighten the most delicate areas and more.


More Man Traffic

Botox, or rather, brotox, bleaching, facials, laser treatment—men have expanded their comfort zone well beyond the massage table in recent years. Men now make up over 47% percent of spa clientele. You can only expect that number to grow as there’s no shortage of competition in the work and romance environment. With spas catering to the unique needs of men, guys are taking advantage of all that modern skin care has to offer. And it’s not just older men wanting to look younger. Millennial men are already looking toward preventing the signs of aging and maintaining their youthful appearance with professional treatments.

Less Lip

The natural trend will extend to things like fillers and facial contouring. Anything that looks overly augmented is going to get toned down. Lips in particular, which last year, thanks to Kylie Jenner, got a lot of attention. While women will continue to embrace the look of full, sexy, well-defined lips, the over-puffed pout is on the way out. In 2017, the trick to success with fillers will be achieving a more natural look where the enhancement is less obvious, but no less dramatic.


Sculpting and Shaping

Despite the trend toward natural, liposuction remains at the top of the list as a “most-requested procedure.” The nonsurgical variety of fat reduction treatments will see the biggest boost. Who doesn’t love getting slimmer without the hard work? Along with favorites CoolSculpting, the injectable Kybella, and Vaser Lipo Suction, look for the Brazilian Butt Lift to continue to rise in popularity as the adoration of curvy and lurvy shows no sign of taking a seat. Personally, we prefer good old-fashioned exercise, which offers additional benefits for brain, skin and spirit.


Tattoo Removal

On a list of regrets, that Hello Kitty tattoo you got in college (so cute and ironic) might rank in between drunk-dialing your boss and getting a perm. Somewhere your thirties, in a boardroom meeting, you might be rethinking that particular fashion choice. Guess what, you’re not alone. Tattoo removal has soared over the last few years and is only continuing to grow now that removal is relatively simple and less painful than the tattoo application. Picosecond lasers, so named because they deliver laser beams onto the skin at the rate of a picosecond, get the job done about 1000 times faster than traditional fractional lasers. As an investment bonus, turns out these picosecond lasers are also great for treating dark spots, diminishing wrinkles, erasing scars, boosting collagen and improving elasticity.


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