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What is Preconditioning and Why Does it Matter?

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Your client books a ProPeel®. What’s the very first step in the treatment? Hint, it doesn’t involve opening the bottle of ProPeel® I. To get the best results and avoid complications, the first step in the ProPeel® protocol begins long before the day of the peel.


Like a painter’s canvas, the skin needs priming. Think of the preconditioning period as the primer for your masterpiece. For at least 2-6 weeks before they lay down in your treatment room for their peel, your client should be using Vivant’s vitamin A skin conditioning system in a daily regimen.



Why Precondition?

Preconditioning reduces sebum and removes dead skin cells allowing the ProPeel® products to penetrate more evenly for a more consistent peel.


Impurities and excess pigment are pulled to the surface during the preconditioning phase for efficient removal along with the top layers of skin.


Extractions become easier and less painful when impactions have been loosened and brought to the surface.


Because extractions are made easier, there is less chance of scarring. 


The risk of hyperpigmentation is greatly reduced with appropriate preconditioning. This is especially crucial when treating darker skin tones prone to hyperpigmentation.


Clients will have a better experience and see results faster, which translates to more referrals for you.



A medium-depth Vivant ProPeel@ is a simple, safe, and cost-effective treatment for rapid rejuvenation and improvement in tone and texture. The preconditioning period is essential to create the best conditions for a more even peel and optimum results.


Be sure your client thoroughly understands why consistency with their preconditioning regimen matters. The payoff—smoother, firmer, brighter, more consistent tone—is well worth the effort.


See the complete ProPeel® protocol for the chart detailing preconditioning times based on Fitzpatricks.