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What Do Skin Care Consumers Want? Google Has All The Answers

What Do Skin Care Consumers Want?

Google just released an interesting report revealing exactly what consumers are obsessing over from ingredients to techniques to tools for improving their skin. They analyzed three years’ worth of search data in three major markets (the U.S., France, and Japan) to determine the top skin care trends for 2017.


Top takeaway? Masks are having more than a moment. Facials, not so much.


Consumers are searching for everything from clay masks to carbonated masks. Their queries indicate they love them for the sensation, the scent, the sound (some of them fizz), and the sociability. Among top influencers, mask parties are the hot ticket. Google reported 98 million views for top 10 mask-related skin care videos in the U.S., Japan and France in the last three years. At the same time, searches for facials have dropped.


What does this mean for you? Your clients may be doing more at home masks and cutting down on in-office facials. Not great from an esthetician’s standpoint. But, you can turn this into an opportunity. Your clients may need to be reminded of the benefits of a professional facial. You can use your social media and/or direct email to help clients understand that a mask is a great supplement, but not a replacement for a professional facial. Consider offering a special on facials along with your communication. And make sure you have a stock of at-home mask products to sell at the end of the facial.


Here’s the good news. While searches for facials are down overall, searches for men’s facials and men’s skin care in general, are on the rise. It’s a trend that’s been developing for a while, but the data confirms that it’s more than a passing fad. A marked shift in men’s searches from the general—men’s skin care—to the specific—men’s face wash, men’s facial, best face lotion for men—reveals an opportunity to reach out to men and educate them on products and services available for them. If you haven’t already added men’s treatments to your menu, now is definitely the time.  


See the entire report: Google Beauty Trends 2017: Skin Care Edition.


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