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The Case For “Before And Afters”


Sometimes, clients have a short memory. Especially when a procedure involves several visits that occur over a period of weeks, it may be difficult for a client to recognize just how profoundly their skin has changed. That’s because the change is happening gradually over time. Being able to compare the initial condition of the skin to the post-treatment skin, will make the difference very clear.


The business of skin care is all about visible results and there’s no better way to chronicle those results than with “before and after” photos. These visual aids are your portfolio. They’re your testimonials. They engender trust and confidence. They are tools you can’t afford to be without. And even more importantly, you need to photograph consistently.


In addition to reminding current clients of the benefits of treatment, it’s your best tool for winning over new clients.


How To Take Great “Before and After” Shots

Get Close

Make sure the face fills the frame. For best results, the photo should be taken at a 45-degree angle about two feet away from the face. Focus on the center of the cheekbone about half an inch below the corner of the eye. Shoot both sides of the face. Also take a shot straight on. Shoot several just to be safe.


Keep It Natural

That means clean skin (no makeup), no jewerly and no harsh lighting. You’ll achieve the best results with natural lighting coming in from a window and warm ambient room lighting. Be sure the window is not behind your subject or you’ll just get a silhouette. Don’t point a lamp directly at your subject, you’re likely to create shadows. Use indirect lighting.


Consistency Matters

Make sure you always shoot your photos under the same conditions. Placing a strip of tape on the floor where you want your client to stand and on the walls where you want them to look could be of great help. Use the same space, the same lighting, the same angle, same background, and the same distance between camera and subject. Also, try to have your client adopt the same expression in both the “before” and “after” photos. Have them look straight ahead and skip the smile.


Photo Release

It’s a good idea to ask your client to sign a simple photo release if you want to use the photos on your website.


We Want To See Your Results!

Send us your best “Before & After” shots and you could win $500 worth of Vivant Skin Care products.


All photos must follow the guidelines above to be considered and skin must have been treated with Vivant products within the time between the before and after photos. Please include dates photos were taken, description of treatment and products used.  


Email us at Photos must be received by May 15, 2017. A winner will be chosen by Vivant Skin Care’s marketing department and notified by email by the end of May. Decision is final. Product prize may not be returned for cash.


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