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Posted by Vivant Skin Care

Meet the New Brazilian: A Guide to Intimate Bleaching.

Pinking the wink. Brightening the bits and pieces. Illuminating the lily. Perking up the porthole. Repainting the basement. Doing some moonlighting. Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to get comfortable with intimate bleaching as more and more clients seek this service.


It began as an on-screen enhancement for porn stars and went mainstream as the popularity of the Brazilian wax grew. Seems the process of baring it all uncovered a new issue for many, the darker appearance of the deeper recesses. For some, the contrasting skin tone was less than ideal.


After the topic of intimate bleaching was featured on an episode of E! television’s Dr. 90210 in 2005, salons began getting calls asking for the treatment. It took off first in Hollywood and hit NYC next. 


Enrique Ramirez, owner of trailblazing spa Face to Face NYC has never been afraid to get personal. “We figured it was something new, unique and excellent for marketing purposes to give our brand much needed publicity. To my surprise, after our article in Time Out New York and The Howard Stern Show, intimate bleaching became all the rage in New York City.”


Face to Face NYC cheekily calls its service “New Ringtone.” It’s described as an innovative skin bleaching treatment that “comes directly from our Hollywood friends and is dedicated to those of you with a 'dark side' caused by friction, disgruntled hormones, shaving or hereditary genes. We apply a gentle fruit acid peel to the outer genital areas to lighten you up! As easy as a walk in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon.”


The degree of pigmentation in the personal hinterlands is determined by genetics, but a number of factors, including hormones, pregnancy, age, waxing and sex can all darken the area further. A lighter tone can be effectively achieved with a combination of at-home bleaching products and professional peels.


Who Is A Candidate?


Because of the intimate nature of the service, some clients may be reticent to ask, but don’t assume they’re not interested. Many spa owners who didn’t think their clients would be interested, got a surprise when they offered it to clients and many indicated they wanted the service right away.


The range of clientele is broad, from younger women and men who want to enhance their appearance for their partners, to older women whose skin has darkened due to age or pregnancy, to people who just want to feel fresher and younger. In addition to intimate areas, this treatment is appropriate for under arms, inner thighs, knees and elbows.


The best way to find out if your client is a candidate is by discussing their goals and expectations during an initial consultation.


Some Things to Keep In Mind


Clients with a history of diabetes, psoriasis, herpes or genital warts should not receive this treatment. The peel will aggravate these conditions.


If the client has had recent procedures (surgical or non-surgical) performed in the area to be treated, those areas need to be completely healed prior to the peel.


Darker skin tones will require special care to avoid triggering post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These clients will require a longer period of pre-conditioning.


Is It Worth Exploring?


Spa owner Rosanna Zayas of Rosanna Zayas Esthetic Center in Roslindale, MA says the adding the treatment to her menu of services has added great value to her business. “My clients are satisfied with the work and they love it. They come back for more.”


What you can charge varies depending upon your region, but averages $75 to $150 for either vaginal or anal bleaching, $150 to $250 for both, a great profit for treatments that take very little time to perform.


“Intimate bleaching has much value,” Ramirez concludes. “We charge $110 for a three-minute peeling treatment. It doesn’t get any better for our bank account, and women are left happy and satisfied…more than what any man can do for them!”


Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve desired results and results are not permanent, so if the client is happy with the outcome, you can count on repeat business.


September is the ideal time to promote intimate bleaching. Skin that’s been exposed to summer sun, may have developed deeper pigmentation as a result. And with the tanning season winding down, clients won’t have to worry about risking exposure since this is a treatment that should not be followed by tanning. 


Stay tuned for a complete guide to the procedure!