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Man Up III


We’ve talked about the market. We’ve talked about your “manu.” What about your manitude? Let’s talk style, comfort, and communication.


Despite the fact that men basically invented the spa experience (ancient Greeks and Romans had some pretty solid ideas about therapeutic bathing), modern man has been a little slow to embrace the culture.


They don’t know what to expect, or worse, they think it’s just for the ladies. A recent International Spa Association (ISPA) survey, revealed that even though a solid 47% of spa-goers are male, 40 percent of men still “avoid spas because they’re not familiar with the etiquette,” and one in five men said, “spas are for women.”


Etiquette is an easy fix. For starters, put an FAQ on your website and answer all the uncomfortable questions. Should they keep their pants on? Should they shave before a facial? How about before a wax? Who will be touching them? A man? A woman? Can they choose? Will it be chatty? (They are hoping not.)


Click here for some additional insight on men’s spa questions.


Next, take a look at your environs. Does your space scream lady venue? If so, take it down a notch. Lose the rose petals. Go easy on the aromatherapy and opt for outdoorsy scents like eucalyptus and sandalwood or something fresh and citrusy like grapefruit. Is your music tipping the scales on ethereal sparkle? Maybe move down the dial toward something a little more chillaxing. And by all means, cut down on the candles.

 Man UP III a


When your male client arrives, put him at ease. Assume he’s never been in a spa before and tell him exactly how things will proceed. Offer a drink. Perhaps a craft beer instead of the wine spritzer.


Products are another area prime for confusion. Men have not had the immersion into skin care routine and regimen that women are born into. They haven’t had decades of marketing instructing them in the fine art of pore refinement or the benefits of a weekly detoxifying mask. These concepts are still relatively new for the vast majority of men (metro and spornosexuals aside). For many of them, toner is another language. Serum? Might as well be Sanskrit. These things will require some translation. Ditto the instructions for a skin care regimen. When. How. How much. And why. Once they have a better understanding of the process and the projected outcome, they’re far more likely to make it a regular habit.


And since we’re on the subject of terminology, let’s go back to your “manu” for a moment. What you call your treatments for men matters. Don’t just stick the word “golf” or “executive” in front of an existing offering. Tailor the treatment and give it a name that reflects what it is and what it does. Be creative. Face To Face NYC sets the bar high with specialty men’s treatments like “The George Hamilton” sunless tan experience, “The Dirty Hairy Cut” designed to tame body hair, or the Hollywood-inspired intimate bleaching dubbed “New Ringtone.”  


Once you’ve got the guys in the door, keep the communication going. Send a follow-up email with product recommendations and a refresher on the at-home regimen. And make it easy to make appointments online. Everyone likes efficiency, especially the guys.


According to the ISPA, the typical male-spa patron is 25-44 years old with a salary of $50,000 and above. He’s your fastest growing demographic. He definitely wants and needs the products and services of the spa experience. He just needs a little help finding his comfort zone. 


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