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Man Up II


What's on your Manu?

Men and women are different. Duh. So why don’t you have a plan for differentiating your services to attract and keep a broader male clientele? Offering an “executive retreat” is a start, but we’re talking complete menu manverhaul. A manu, if you will.Man Up: Getting More Guys Through The Door. Part II

First, you need to understand men’s unique problems. Not the unwillingness to ask for directions or why someone would say that a chair is blue when it’s clearly green, but things like androgens, in-grown hairs, and the fact that men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s,

Higher levels of androgen hormones (the ones responsible for testosterone) are what give male skin its thicker texture. Androgens increase sebum production, stimulate growth of skin cells, hinder skin cell separation, and increase inflammation. Pretty much the building blocks of breakouts, so it’s no wonder men are more prone to acne and its resultant scarring.

In that light, facials and peels for men are not luxuries, but necessities. To optimally treat male skin, a facial should include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and toning, plus an enzymatic boost, without being overly-hydrating. Moisturizing repair should be light and non-greasy to avoid clogging already oil-heavy pores.


Man Up II b

Man Up: Getting More Guys Through The Door. Part II

Back, shoulders and arms are also problem acne areas for men and can be a source of embarrassment. Make it easy for guys to get the services they need by putting them explicitly on the menu. Offer facials and peels for back and chest not just for the face. Vivant’s Acne Treatment for the Shoulders and Back is a great one.


Men’s daily shave and coarser hair make them susceptible to painful in-grown hairs. A buildup of dead skin cells can also be a contributor. Regular exfoliation—clinical facials and at-home treatment—can help avoid the problem.

Man Up: Getting More Guys Through The Door. Part II

 Man Up II a

In an era where the image of the ideal male has gone from a carpeted Tom Sellack to a burnished and buff Calvin Klein underwear model, waxing is requisite.  Does your menu include brow, but not Unibrow? Underarm, but not upper chest? Bikini, but not mankini? Shocked? Don’t be. The Boyzilian has been a thing for several years. An esthetician specializing in manscaping offers some insights on the process in this somewhat NSFW article from Cosmopolitan.  


And what about that most sensitive of services, intimate bleaching? Women are not the only ones looking for a little brightening of the dark areas.


If you’re not covering these areas, it’s probably time for a manspansion.


Look for tips on communication and etiquette, in the third and final installment of our “Man Up” series.


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