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High Impact, Low Disruption: The 20% Glycolic Acid Solution


For quick, dramatic, rejuvenation of the skin, there’s nothing like a ProPeel®. However, it does require keeping a low profile for a few days while the resurfacing does its thing. For clients who want improvement in tone and texture but don’t want any downtime, a glycolic acid solution is the perfect alternative.


Why glycolic acid? Because glycolic is a high performance acid. As the smallest (molecular weight) of the alpha hydroxy acids, it’s the most deeply and quickly penetrating, so its effects are quick and transformative. A potent exfoliator that improves the structural integrity of the skin far into the dermis, GA also has anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, and antioxidant effects. Getting a megadose of this A-list acid brings smoother, clearer, brighter skin to the surface rapidly.


The intensity of GA peel is determined by the concentration of the acid. The higher the concentration and lower the pH, the more intense the peeling will be. Vivant uses a 20% solution to bring transformative results with minimal disruption. Others use higher percentages, but heavily buffer the acid, which greatly reduces its beneficial effects.


Vivant’s Pro Series 20% Glycolic Acid Solution can be used as a booster, or as part of a general maintenance program to remove dead skin cells, supercharge skin lightening programs, and releases acne impactions.


For normal skin, a GA peel will bring a quick, and fairly dramatic improvement to skin luminance and texture. For specific problems like acne, blackheads, fine lines, age spots, and hyperpigmentation, the results will be more gradual over time. The most dramatic improvement will appear after several treatments.


The skin should always be preconditioned with Vivant’s recommended 4-step at-home regimen consisting of an exfoliating cleanser, toner, Vitamin A propionate skin conditioner, and daily SPF.


When using the first time with a client, wash off the glycolic acid 20% after two minutes. After acclimation, the therapist may leave the toner on for longer periods or not neutralize it (wash it off). 20% Glycolic Acid Solution can be used on combination or oily skin. If the client has sensitive skin, leave on for only one minute, then, neutralize. On subsequent visits work up to the two or three minutes. If the skin is oily, the glycolic acid can be left on initially for two minutes and, then, neutralized with warm water.


Because not every skin reacts the same way, it’s important to exercise judgment on the timing of neutralization. The above times are guidelines, If frosting is observed in any particular area before the set time or end-point, neutralize the peel immediately.


The 20% Glycolic Acid treatment can be repeated once every 15 days for 4–6 months until the desired result is achieved. With regular use, the GA peel improves skin texture and tone, reduces the appearance of shallow acne scars, normalizes oil production, minimizes the appearance of pores, eliminates blotchiness, brightens dull skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, fades irregular pigmentation, and produces a radiant glow.


Glycolic acid is best used for combination to oily skin and Fitzpatrick 1-2 skin types. It’s not recommended for darker skin tones. As a general rule, mandelic acid is safer than glycolic acid on Fitzpatricks three and above. For those skin types, we recommend our 30% Mandelic Acid Solution.


Advantages of Vivant’s 20% Glycolic Acid Solution: simple, inexpensive, no downtime, great booster, great for maintenance, excellent results over the long-term.



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