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Five Things The World’s Top Spas Have In Common


In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In spas, it’s luxury, luxury, luxury. But luxury isn’t necessarily about exquisite and expensive surroundings. Luxury is as much attitude as it is artifice. You don’t have to have a breath-taking ocean front location or be tucked away in a private forested island sanctuary accessible only by a private bridge to provide a luxurious experience to your guests. You just have to be attentive, creative, and detail-oriented. Here are few things you’ll find at the top spas around the world that you can incorporate into your business no matter where you’re located or what your budget is.


A Signature Treatment

Coming up with a treatment that is all your own is a great way to distinguish your spa from all the others. However, you don't have to invent treatments. In fact, relying on treatments designed by your product partner is absolutely recommended to be sure you’re getting the desired results. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take an existing treatment and give it your own signature twist by incorporating additional sensory experiences—aromatics, touch, sound, even taste, i.e. ending the session with a glass of champagne or a small tea-infused wafer. And, of course, a signature service requires a signature name. Make it descriptive and irresistible.


Personalized Experiences

Personalized experience was a common theme among the winners of a recent Conde Nast “Top 25 Spas In The World Reader’s Choice Awards.” Many spas tailor facials for a client’s specific needs. Some customize the scent, music and lighting of treatment rooms upon request. These are the types of spas readers say they “want to return to again and again.”


Top Products

The best spas use the best professional products. The best lines offer a range of product strengths with varying percentages of active ingredients to suit individual client needs. They offer not just the professional treatment, but the pre- and post-conditioning treatments as well. They are committed to quality and use FDA-approved ingredients. They offer training and support. And they are scientifically proven, delivering consistent, dramatic results. Vivant Skin Care product line offers all of those things, which is why it has been the choice of top spas and dermatologists for more than two decades.


Attention To Detail

When you walk in, is everything impeccably clean? Is the music at the perfect level to be relaxing, but not invasive? Are there fresh flowers? A pleasing fragrance in the air? Is there a comfortable waiting area with a selection of current magazines and some chilled cucumber or lemon water? Are guests offered a beverage, maybe a snack? In a recent “State Of Spa Report,” 76% of respondents said a well-appointed, quiet relaxation room was a top priority in their choice of spas. Afternoon tea or a glass of champagne swayed more than 50%. Details matter. Make sure you’re not missing any opportunities to impress.


Stellar Customer Service

So you’ve created a signature service. You’ve tapped into your area’s unique character. You’ve found ways to personalize your client experience. You’ve reviewed and improved every imaginable detail. Kudos. But you’re not done. None of that matters if your guests don’t feel welcomed and special and cared for throughout their entire experience, from booking to walking out the door at end of their visit. Spa-goers agree the number one defining factor of a world-class spa is great customer service; courteous, professional staffers with solid expertise who know how to deliver the perfect guest experience. It all comes down to personal interactions. Make sure your staff is well trained and well treated. If your staff feels valued, they’ll make sure your customers feel valued as well. And that’s the key to success. 


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