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Posted by Vivant Skin Care

Best Practices For Sharing Our Web Content


We’ve done a lot of work on our blog and social media pages to update our image and to provide useful information for our customers, partners, and compatriots. And people are noticing! We are thrilled about that. And we love that many of you want to share the content we’re producing. After all, that’s the purpose of this vast web of images and ideas and voices: connection. But there are some things that are important to keep in mind when you get ready to hit the post button, because sharing and republishing or repurposing are very different things. Sharing is awesome. The other two are problematic and can get you into trouble. Here’s a little review of best practices when it comes to sharing web content.  



  1. Please, do not cut and paste our blog articles and post them on your own blog. We work hard to create our own, singular brand voice. While we appreciate that you like the material, it’s just not okay to republish in this way; it’s copyright infringement.
  1. Please, do not cut and paste photos from our site. We pay a license fee for the photos that appear on our site. That usage does not extend to other sites and you could be liable for fees from the original source.
  1. Do feel free to use share our material via the share buttons provided on social media platforms, or our blog.
  1. Do feel free to provide hyperlinks directly to our material.
  1. Please, do not modify our content. For example, placing your logo on top of one of our photos is not acceptable. (Actually, there are two things wrong with that scenario, see above.) 
  1. If you’d like to share a blog post, there is a share button at the bottom of the article that allows you to share via social media. Or you can share from our Facebook page.
  1. You may quote our blog content (up to 75 words) within your own original post. But you must attribute the material quoted to Vivant Skin Care and include a hyperlink to the original post. Here’s an example:

Vivant Skin Care answers the question, are serums only for aging skin?

“Definitely not. Think of serum as the 401K plan for your skin. The earlier you start investing, the better off you’ll be when you hit retirement age. That’s because preventing damage to the skin is easier than reversing it. Serums are the architects of radiance and, as such, are essential for skin of any age.” -Vivant Skin Care Blog

Set up the quote with an introduction. Attribute it to Vivant Skin Care. Provide the hyperlink to the original piece. And if you want to go the extra mile, provide a link to our social media. The last one is a nicety, but not required.

  1. If you want to share an Instagram post, it must be reposted, not cut and pasted. You can download a free app called Repost Instagram does not have a built-in repost feature. Please add the hashtag #regram or #repost when using the Repost app. 
  1. If you’d like to use a quote from a blog for your Instagram post, you may quote up to 75 words. The quote must appear within quotation marks and be clearly attributed to @VivantSkinCare. And it must appear with your own photo, not one cut and pasted from our site. Again, if you want to repost our IG material in full, please use the Repost app.
  1. If you want to use a quote from our content on Twitter, please be sure to include via @VivantSkinCare or simply use the retweet button to share one of our tweets.


These are best practices that are recognized across the web, not just our own rules. So when thinking about sharing ours, or anyone else’s content, these are rules to live and post by.

If in doubt, we’re always happy to chat. Just send us an email at

Happy sharing!