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An Introduction to Vivant Skin Care Progressive ProPeel®
Vivant's Progressive ProPeel® is a safe and effective peel that aids in the treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation & aging skin.

If you've been offering Vivant Skin Care products to your clients, you are probably seeing great improvements in clearing acne, slowing the signs of aging, and gradually fading acne scars and hyperpigmentation. For clients who would like to speed up the process or see even more marked improvement, Vivant Skin Care offers their Progressive ProPeel®, a chemical peel that can dramatically improve clients' skin in a relatively short period of time.

How the Progressive ProPeel® Works

The Progressive ProPeel is a light to medium chemical peel that can be personalized for all skin types and skin colors. Skin care providers apply the peel during an office visit, and patients can go back to normal activities immediately. Depending on the skin problem, a series of four to six peels is often given at one to two month intervals for best results. But what is ProPeel® and how does it work?


Vivant's Progressive ProPeel and Extra Strength Progressive ProPeel® gives you, the skin care professional, control of the intensity of the ProPeel® which is applied. The active ingredients in ProPeel are a combination of lactic, salicylic and citric acids plus TCA (trichloracetic acid), which is an effective peeling agent derived from vinegar. Moisturizers are also added to counteract the drying effects of the peel. These ingredients, especially TCA, denature the keratin on the top layers of skin, causing the skin to generate new cells and discard the old ones. The new, smoother cells come to the surface as old cells peel away, leaving skin looking younger and smoother.

What Clients Can Expect After Having a ProPeel

To prepare for a ProPeel treatment, clients should use the Vivant Skin Care treatment products that fit their skin type for six to eight weeks before the peel. This will pre-condition their skin so that the peel will be more effective. Darker skin types should condition 12 to 14 weeks before having a ProPeel treatment.

For the first few days after a ProPeel treatment, skin may appear darker or flaky as skin sheds the top, dead layers of skin. By day six or seven, smoother skin will begin to be revealed. Not only does ProPeel work for photoaged and hyperpigmented skin, it also helps to make comedones easier to extract, helps to open closed comedones and improves other acne problems, including scarring.


Wearing a hat or other protective clothing can keep your skin looking smooth and healthy. 

Clients will notice improvement in their skin after about a week, and treatments can be repeated every six to eight weeks indefinitely for continued improvement and maintenance if needed. Some clients need ongoing treatments while others can complete a four to six ProPeel treatment cycle and maintain results with a proper skin care routine.

A Few Cautions

The newer skin revealed by ProPeel will be smoother and clearer, but is also more susceptible to sun damage than before. Sun protection is essential while undergoing treatment with ProPeel® to protect this new skin. Also, ProPeel is not an at-home treatment and should only be administered by a skin care professional.

Are you interested in more helpful information about Vivant Skin Care Progressive ProPeel®? Stay tuned to learn more about the ProPeel including: Who is the best candidate for a Progressive ProPeel®? Why and how to precondition skin for a ProPeel®? What's the right after care for a ProPeel®?

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